Some of my Diva Secrets…

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Gurrrrl, I have secrets.  LOTS of them.  But the thing about most of my secrets is I’m more than happy to share them.  After all, Gear Sisters gotta have each other’s backs, right?

When I first started riding, it bothered me so much that I would feel so rubbed, rumpled, and frazzled during the day.  I certainly definitely didn’t feel or look like a “hot biker babe.”  I just looked HOT.  And MELTED.  Yes, of course I enjoyed the ride.  And no, it’s definitely not all about looks.  But how I look is important to me all the time, and it bothered me.  A lot.   It stole some of the joy out of riding for me.  Even if it’s just a “ball cap and mascara” kind of day for me…I want to FEEL my best, not like I’m melting into a muddy, streaky puddle with tire tracks under my eyes instead of behind me on the road.

So how exactly is a Diva to stay looking like a Diva on those fabulously long but hot rides?  Or even the short, around town riding dates with my Hunky Hubby?  I’ve always gotten comments from my riding crew (especially my Gear Sisters) about how I manage to not look like a drowned or wilted rat while on long rides.  (And I’m talking those Tennessee-Gap-Riding-the-Dragon-All-Day-Long-in-100% HUMIDITY long rides…ladies, you know we ride hard!)

I actually have ancient history as a makeup artist.  I worked as an artist for a top line big box cosmetic company for several years before becoming a music teacher.  They trained me really, really well, and in turn I trained others who came to work for us.  Now, I own my own makeup company, so I still get to practice my artist skills.  I LOVE helping other women feel their most confident in every situation.  It’s not that I’m “better” at certain makeup tricks than my Gear Sisters, it’s just I know some pretty amazing products to use, and I know how to rock what I got!  😉

So, I’m going to show you over the course of the next few blog posts some of my “biggest secrets.”  I’ll show you makeup and hair tricks and tips that I use to help me feel and look way more confident than a hot mess, with more focus on the “hot” while I’m riding.

A  Diva’s face is ONLY as good as her foundation.  If it won’t stay on, nothing you put on top of it will stay either.  Foundation can make or break you…but any artist knows that PRIMING the canvas before painting determines the finished product’s longevity.  It’s the one step everyone wants to skip, but seriously SHOULDN’T.  If you take the time to prime, it will pay off at the end of the day, I promise!

So here’s my first real secret– Primer.  My FAV?  Younique Touch Glorious Primer.

Younique Touch Glorious Primer $39



And it’s the single reason that my ALL of makeup stays.  It’s a smooth-like-silk finished primer that gives everything I layer on top something to grab onto.  Makes my skin feel like SATIN.  A good primer will minimize pores and fine lines by preventing your foundation and powder from settling into them.  And when we sweat with a helmet on?  People…Glorious makes my makeup water-resistant and smudge proof.  No kidding.

These are all examples of riding pics on away trips I’ve taken with my hubby..all of them, I’ve been riding for several hours at a time.  In the second one, I’m actually DRENCHED because we got poured on for hours riding the Blue Ridge Parkway…I’ve never felt so soggy…but!  Makeup is in place.  The one with the cute blonde (my oldest daughter), we had literally been riding for 5 hours in an MSF class at that point – in +90 degree weather, wearing full leathers.  (We smelled AWFUL, but we were happy.)

Primer doesn’t just affect foundation though…Even my blush and bronzer stays in place because of this product.  My eyeshadow NEVER fades or creases now that I use primer, and it all lasts through the hottest, sweatiest gym sessions and riding trips.  And yes, I have tested this theory many times.  😉

Me, after an hour sweat session… That’s SWEAT running down my face and chest. Makeup stayed PUT. #winning

So what do you put on top of it?  Well that depends on what kind of coverage you need.  Me?  I’m a “hide all the scaries” kind of gal…I LOVE the Touch Liquid.  It’s smooth and silky, but it feels weightless.

Touch liquid foundation
Younique Touch Liquid Foundation $39

I use it mainly in the center of my face when I ride.  Helmet cheek pads steal everything, especially with cheeks like mine!  lol!

Ducati Diva 2017 -45

When I know I’m riding in particularly hot and humid weather, I do a light dusting of powder down the center of my face, because I get plenty shiny enough on my own.  No need to compete with my bike’s headlight!  Somedays I will only use a BB Cream on top of the Primer, and that’s enough to make me not feel naked.  Whatever you coverage choose to use, keep it focused on the center of your face, as rub-off can create a runway effect if you go to the edges of the cheekbones.

I also usually carry a compact powder in my cross body clutch or jacket pocket for lunch stops or dinner dates touch-ups.  If I’m feeling particularly greasy, I’ll do a quick center pat and be on my way.  Compacts are pretty flat and light, and don’t take up much space.  Blot papers are also a great option if you don’t want the extra powder coverage.  Heck, even a paper towel can tame the oil slick and help you feel fresher once the helmet comes off.

The most important thing is that you FEEL like the Diva you are when you ride.  Whether that’s full on glam gal or naked jane, the last thing you want is for the way you look to inhibit your enjoyment of the ride.  Using a good primer and the right foundation will help you rock life both ON the bike, and OFF.  This is the first step to rocking what you got!  You do you, Boo!

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For more information on the Younique products, click this link or send me a PM.

(Full disclosure here:  I am a Younique presenter.  The link posted is my personal Younique page.  BUT my opinions are real and “red-headedly” HONEST…’cause that’s how I roll.  And I was riding LONG before I was a Younique presenter.  I use these products because they WORK for me in my hot, sweaty, rumpled lifestyle.  I’ll always tell you honestly what worked for me and what DIDN’T work.  If you choose to order, rock on!  I’ll very much appreciate your support.  Cause this Diva’s got a big makeup habit! lol!) 

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