Day 8-Our Last Day- Dragon Running, Slow Races, and Goodbyes

Y’all….I can’t believe it’s almost over…Today is our last day of active riding together.  We went to take our yearly group picture.  This time we chose to go to Ashwin’s lookout.  Ashwin was a member of the group who died a few years before I joined.  I never met him, but he was very important to my tribe.  The last picture found on his phone before he died was a selfie of himself sitting at the overlook we went to.After photos, we split to go our various riding ways.  Hunky Hubby and I wanted to ride the Dragon pretty hard today.  So we rode up and down the Dragon with our friend Ken about 4 or 5 times.  The weather was simply stunning, and surprisingly, the Dragon wasn’t super crowded or busy.  Ken rides a Yamaha R1, which is stupid fast and strong, He offered to take me on a run through the Dragon, which was lots of fun on corners!  I do like fast corners…I may have let out a yeehaw once or twice.  😉We rode until about 4:45 and then hightailed it for dinner and the Slow Races, which is an annual Gap meet tradition.  Tonight’s menu included the Lodge’s famous Prime Rib dinner. It’s a tradition for us all, and it did not disappoint. In the Slow Race, balance skills are tested and timed, and the person with the slowest time through “The Box” is declared the winner and gets to keep “Verne.”And the Winner!  Well done, Dan!   It’s always a little bittersweet to eat the pecan cobbler and ice cream dessert because it signals the end for me.But no worries, we’ve already booked for next year!  😉

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