Day 7- Wash Out and a Heart Attack

Today was mostly a bust for riding…some of the boys got up early and went for a quick Dragon run.  Hunky Hubby promised as soon as they got back, he’d take me out…Our morning entertainment consisted of watching a HUGE RV pulling a monster trailer full of toys into a parking pad and trying to get it lined up.  For an HOUR AND A HALF.  Poor guy.  It was pretty amusing, but he finally got it.Three hours later, and STILL RAINING BUCKETS.  So no Dragon run for me today.  Kinda pouty about it.

But I NEEDED to go to the post office today, so we geared up and braved the wet roads to Bryson City.  Before we left, I forgot to take my Apple watch off.  When we got to civilization, both of our phones started blowing up with calls and messages.  Somehow my phone decided to send an emergency SOS texting my location to all the people in my emergency contacts list.  On REPEAT.  

So of course, all of our close family and friends were freaking out, visioning us dead in a ditch with no cell service, and were gassing up to come our way.  After 15 minutes of sitting on the side of the road texting/calling everyone on the list to tell them we were ok in the RAIN, we were both pretty wet.  We made it to the post office, and rode home in the rain.  More napping, then dinner with the crew and enjoying each other’s company.  These people are so much fun!



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