Day 6- White Water Adventures and Chili Cookoff 

(I’m a little behind on my days due to really poor internet and zero cell service, and hard core playing…😉…sorry for the delay!)

Today was planned to be our 3rd annual white water rafting trip as a group. It was raining pretty hard when we left the Lodge, but thankfully it stopped when we got there to check in.  We were all prepared to be very wet so it didn’t really matter to us either way…We were decked out in fast drying gear, and ready hit class 3 rapids for some fun in the COLD, COLD water.  No one on my boat went in the water this year (usually it’s ME that goes flying, and this year it was close!), but the other boat wasn’t quite so lucky. I know of at least three who got to test the effectiveness of their PFD’s (personal floatations devices).  We had a few “stuck on rocks/ and bounce like crazy people” moments which resulted in tons of laughter and mocking, crazy spin cycle fun, and lots of paddle splashing wars with the other boat. Soaked and tired, fun was had by all!

IMG_3970After our rapids adventures, we were all pretty much ready to pass out.  We stopped for lunch at the Hub, a tiny little joint with good wraps, burgers, and BBQ.  Back to the Lodge for naps and showers.  It was the night of our first annual chili cook off as well.  We all loaded up crockpots with fixin’s and let the various chili types cook all afternoon.  They were each delicious in different ways, and after an anonymous vote, the Chili Master was declared.  It was pretty fun, except it was SO HOT and HUMID out due to the rain and JULY, and eating spicy chili makes you sweat… 😏😜  But other than that, super fun!

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