Day 5- Dragon Riding and Cherohala Skyway

This morning, when I went into the IHL office for something, one of the guys looks at me and says “She’s Joe Sparrow’s Unidentified Happy Person!”  After seeing my puzzled look,  he explained who Joe Sparrow is, and pulled his phone out.

It turns out Joe Sparrow is a traveling biker/photographer who happened to kindly help us unload our bikes the day we arrived.  Quietly, he took a pic of me sitting on the Ducati to stabilize it while the men released the tie downs for removal. I caught him, and I’m sitting there, laughing at him while he snaps this pic of me, in shorts and sandals on the bike. He just smiled, said not much else, and then left us on our own to move the bikes to the canopy.  I saw him pull out of the Lodge the next day, with a tiny wave in my direction.

Office Guy loads Joe’s facebook page, and sure enough, there I was, “air riding” the Duc.  I couldn’t believe it!  It’s always so fun to find the random connections the Biker community offers. So y’all go find Joe Sparrow on facebook. His pictures are pretty cool, and you’ll see at least one familiar face!    Today, about 2/3rds of our group is here now, so we decided to hit the Dragon as a group, followed by lunch and riding the Cherohala Skyway. The road known as the Dragon’s Tail is actually Highway 129, which is 318 curves in 11 miles. It’s INSANELY fun. Lots of elevation shifts, road camber changes, and of course, corners. Group riding is such a different dynamic than solo jaunts, and it’s always fun to see various personalities come out as people ride. Who chooses to ride point, who is aggressive on cornering, and who is just quietly chilling.  I love that we all ride our own rides, but we still roll together.  It’s just flat out fun. We tore through the Dragon about three times and then headed to lunch at a pizza joint. After lunch, the Cherhola Skyway offered beautiful views of mountains and valleys. It was clear and HOT, but so very pretty! The way down the mountain was not quite as fun. One of our guys discovered a bubble in his back tire, so the ride down was slow and easy in order not to blow it. We worked our way over to Wheeler’s to get him set up. It was HOT but the guys kicked tires and laughed while I tried not to melt into the seat I was on. We headed back to the Lodge for dinner, and a little fun. One of my Sisters got her first ride on a motorcycle!  Such fun to see her join the fun and I was so proud of her for overcoming her fears!  Plus, she’s got the “pop!”This trip has been so much fun and I’m thankful there’s more to come!

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