Day 4- Brotherhood

Today was all about the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were planning a large loop including much of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Getting a large group ready to go is always an adventure akin to herding cats. Lots of tire kicking and catching up with the latest arrivals. While waiting, one of the owners of the Iron Horse Lodge and got to show off the Lauren Sport to her.  She’s now a fan!  

On the skyway, we had beautiful vistas, smooth easy curves, and it was almost perfect weather. About two thirds of the way down a mountain, one of our guys lost clutch.  We pulled over he realized the clutch sprocket nut had completely come off.  

Every year I come, I’m always amazed and inspired by this group we’ve learned to love as family. I’ve watched them have each other’s back, razz each other (and me), and mourn together. I’ve seen them tear down and rebuild busted bikes in just a few hours to get the brother back on the road, and come up with ingenious ways to fix something. Today was no different. I watched this band of brothers pull apart a bike on the side of the road, and manufacture a way to make it work. They actually used a Gatorade cap to fashion a nut and resecure the sprocket to get us where we needed to go.  One facebook message later, we also had two more guys scouring multiple states as well as a junkyard for what we needed. I watched these men work together and get it done.  Just like that. Good thing I had my Lauren Sport with me!  😂Once on the road, we ran to a cycle shop for some parts and got in a little play time and “shopping…

After lunch, we split up and worked our way home. I had a massage scheduled and Tanis Deal from Avanti Spa was FANTASTIC. If you go to the IHL, definitely book her! 

Back at the Lodge, it was time for dinner and chilling with the “fam.”   I can’t believe it’s already time to ship the Lauren to the next sister.  I know Shannon is going to show Lauren a great time!  I love being here at the Gap, and our adventure continues tomorrow is the Cherhola Skyway!  ❤️🏍❤️

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