Day 3-Back in Time

Day three was all about “our history.” Today we ride to a little town called Maggie Valley, home of the Wheels of Time museum. This place was so cool!  Full of old and rare motorcycles, each one had a story told in detail by the staff.  One of the staff told many highly detailed stories, and he always ended each story with the particularly striking quote “This is YOUR history.”  Such a striking statement, as it’s easy take for granted how this sport developed and evolved. As a newbie, I don’t begin to claim to know where understand the history that some of my more seasoned family do. But the deeper I go, the more intrigued and fascinated I become.  It was amazing to see the development of technology in these amazing machines, as well as the love poured into them by their creators and owners. I know personally, even though I had only had the Diva for about a year, she’s already become such a large part of what I do, how people see me, and even to a certain extent, who I am. 

It was also fun to watch my Love turn into a little kid, as he oooohed and ahhhhed his way through time. Each new machine was an opportunity to flash through time, and educate me on some new tidbit of mechanics I would have been ignorant of.  It’s equally amazing to me that I actually was interested in the inner workings and development of the sport. A little fun with my Lauren Sport was had as we imagined in the scenarios painted by the museum. There was no doubt the Lauren would soon be a classic as many of the items we saw.  SUCH a great bag! (Interestingly, check the unintentional show off of the Reflective safety feature of that bag! Makes me feel good to know I’m SEEN on the bike!) Several hours of historic immersion later, our starved group ride to the Legends cafe for burgers and wraps. We meandered our way back towards the Lodge for a steak dinner. I REALLY wanted to get a Dragon run in, so Hunky Hubby and I decided to squeeze in our first solo ride. It was SOOOO amazing!  Beautiful sweeping curves, the feeling of melting into him, and syncing with the machine made for the perfect first run for us. We were pushed for time, so we didn’t stop for pictures, but Killboy was out so I’ll scope his pages and see what I can find!  So be sure and watch for the link!  

After that amazing steak dinner, relaxation and hanging with the crew was the perfect ending to this day. I love these people. It’s amazing to me that we are family, even though I’ve literally only met some of them three times. These people are as much my family as my own blood, and I love each and everyone. Their heart and concern for each other always impresses me, and I’m thankful for their influence in our world. And I am missing the ones who aren’t here. We aren’t complete with out them!Day four?  We are preparing for a loooooooong ride… And the adventure awaits!

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