Day 2 Surprises…

For Day 2 of our amazing vacay, Gatlinburg held a sweet surprise for me…my Hunky Hubby originally told me we were gonna do the typical “tourist trap” type stuff while there, and I was expecting to be highly educated on the Cival War when we pulled out.  But really, he had secretly planned a surpise shopping trip for me there!  Now, maybe that doesn’t sound so life altering unless you’re a Diva, but y’all…he HATES shopping.  He mildly tolerates it when it’s really necessary. He never ever complains, but everyone knows that unless it’s gear related, shopping is just not his thing. When I mentioned going and doing something touristy instead, that sweet man said “I’ve been planning all year to give you this!”  So…what’s a Diva to do except shop till he drops!? We spent the next three and a half hours going from one end of the mall to the other and enjoying each other’s company. I found a few of my favorite things, and did a little damage… My mission complete and my hands full, I convinced him to shoulder my Lauren Sport.  Since it had Ducati red accents, it was an easy sell…and this bag truly does fit everyone!  After grabbing the last few supplies we needed for the week, we were finally headed to the Gap.  365 days of planning, and we finally made it back!! When hauling through the Dragon, we always stop at the Lookout for a few scenic shots.   We stopped at The Killboy store for a few photo opps with some fun sculptures they have there. Even dragons like the Lauren Sport.Pulling into the Iron Horse is a little like a big exhale. There’s not much outside connection here, and our gang is here. We simply love it. The Iron Horse Lodge just outside of Robbinsville is so well run… It’s clean, well kept, tucked up in this beautiful little valley, and just far enough enough away from everything to feel like we’ve left the world.  It’s “our once a year home.”  I highly recommend it.  Day two is complete after connecting with some of our crew who is already here. We stayed up until 12:30 AM catching up laughing and having a good time, and all crashed into bed happy to be “home!”  Day three…the Wheels of Time museum! More on that to come!

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