Day 1 Adventures…

After a lovely dinner catching up with my inlaws, we spent a beautiful night right on the river in Little Rock. This morning, bags were loaded and exited for our adventure to begin, we left our fam’s house at about 9am.   Straps ends checked, air pressures and oil double checked, and tie downs secure, we hit the road. But first, Diva needs COFFEE. This bag looks pretty sexy with the Duc, don’t you think?!  πŸ˜‰(the obligatory shot…totally sterotyping here!πŸ˜‚)

I used the time on the road to Get some business slaying done, as well as some boredom busting with some selfie shots and fun filters…The drive from LR to Memphis was teeth rattlingly bumpy, as the roads like more like a teenager’s acne scarred skin rather than silky smooth asphalt…pretty sure my fillings rattled around…but the bikes stayed super tight and bounced around with us like champs. That trailer is awesome. But overall, it was all pretty easy, until just past Memphis.  

Just outside of the city, I hear this TINY, faint sound…almost a weird “is it in my head?” sound coming from the back tires area.  It sounded like a nylon strap slipping through someone’s grasp over and over, but WAAAAY off in the distance. And Hunky Hubby can’t hear it.  You know that feeling of conviction where you just KNOW?  Yeah, I had that.  I told him I really thought we should pull over and he trusted my gut and immediately did. We got out to check the tires, and omg…One of the trailer tires had developed two huge holes in the outer layer of tire. And the rubber layers were separating from the damage and the heat.  My Hunky Hubby said we were maybe 10 miles from a blowout. That conviction saved us a heap of mess. Thank you, Lord!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

After a quick 10 minute tire change, we were back on the road. We even had a salt of the earth trucker stop to check on us. He actually drive by us with a trailer load when we first stopped.  He actually went down the road a ways, unhitched his load, and then turned around and came to see if we needed rescuing. You meet the nicest people on trips like this!  Thank you, Mr. Trucker, whoever you are!   In Nashville we found a Harbor Freight, and bought two new tires-one to replace the spare and one for “just in case”… We loaded everything into my Motochic Sport Lauren bag, cause a gear girl just never knows when she might need to stick a tire in her bag…😏  We got to the car, and as Hunky Hubby was re-inspecting everything, he saw tiny flecks missing from the rubber, indicating this tire wasn’t far behind the first. Erring on the side of caution, we decided to go ahead and change it right then and there.  I am so thankful that all happened before we got to the Dragon!  It was easy sailing after that from Nashville all the way to Gatlinburg. We pulled in pretty late, but with no further issues.  the view outside our private deck on this quaint little old hotel…our morning wake up…WHAT IS THIS THING?  πŸ˜‚After a good nights sleep and a breakfast snack, we ready in for day two is adventures!

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