Today’s the day!  Dragon bound, and the Sisterhood Journey begins…

Well… we are officially on the road! We left about 3:30pm, hauling two bikes in one trailer, pulled by a Lexus.  Cause that’s how we roll…😂😏🙌🏻 We are closely tailed by these two gorgeous machines:We are headed to Little Rock tonight to stay with fam, and then off to Gatlinburg tomorrow. We get to be tourists for a day or so in the city before we head on over to the mountains to hang with our crew.  So much fun!!!!

Today has been NUTS getting everything  ready…I’ve done so much “chicken chasing” and chore doing…Cause in true Diva fashion, we decided to list our house while we are gone AND have a pro photographer come TODAY.   Yeah, I know…😱 Crazy. But pretty typically us!  Lol!  So I’ve been simultaneously destroying my house while packing and cleaning like a mad woman at the same time. My dogs have hid from this hot-mess-mama-tornado pretty much all day long…😏

ANNNDDDD…omg y’all…I have “The Bag!!!”  It’s so beautiful!  The MotoChic Lauren Sport is lighter than the original leather Lauren, because it’s made of different materials.  But it’s seriously just as amazing!!  It has the new interior lights which is super handy. (And isn’t that lining the CUTEST?!?) And I LOVE the new strap wrap! Just like its big sister, it’s a part of my family already.  Roomy enough for anything I need, light enough to actually use, and cute to boot!  Plus the amazing versatility!  I’m already in love!  I’ll post a full overview video about the Lauren Sport soon.

Just a little Diva reminder that this Sisterhood journey I’m on is a CONTEST.  I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this!  And I’m so grateful you are all joining me!!  I really, really REALLY want to win so I can keep this amazing bag!!  But I neeeeeed you!!  I simply can’t do it without you.  So pretty please, would you show a Diva some love and Comment, Like, and Share on all my social media posts and blogs?  You can follow my journey several places:

Insta- @DucatiDiva

Facebook- @Kaci Berry

Twitter- @redklberry

And of course, follow this blog!

Love y’all! Prayers for safety appreciated!  And I’ll see you soon!  Rock what you got!  💋

(Btw, if you are loving the bag and want pricing info, my girl Debra has a special preorder offer on her site just for you!!  Click the link for more details!  💋)


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