Diva Revealed!


It’s reveal time!

I finally got my Ducati body parts back, and we got her all put back together!  I simply LOVE how the Diva-fication of my Duc turned out, and am so very pleased and proud of the work that Ron @NotJustPaint in NY did!  Ron was SUPER patient with me, and did a great job of listening.  He was able to take my clearly NON-AUTO related ideas and turn them into something doable and beautiful that reflected my personality more than the yellow did.  He worked extra hard to be sure what he was doing truly reflected my desires, but also reflected his expertise and skill.  I was so impressed with his professionalism.

I wanted something I’d never seen done on a bike before – a faded out, vintage looking pattern aged and rubbed off to reveal a lace pattern through a faded top color coat.  I sent him some CRAZY pictures to try to get across my ideas.  The primary inspiration was a pillow and a frame.  He was able to take those random thoughts and translate that into his language.  He’s a genius!  I visualized a bit of darker contrast in the blush and metallic color than the pictures, but the same faded vintage look.

Because I do what I do, I wanted a HIGH glitter pattern that peeked out.  The colors I wanted were a rose gold bronze and a blush pink.


In order to help him grasp my crazy ideas, I sent him some paper chips with colors that I liked the undertones of, and some I did NOT like at all.  My hope was this would help clarify any confusion of color perception.

So I collected some interior paint chips, and I found some rose gold foiled and glittered card stock so he’d have a better idea of what I was thinking.  This proved to be most helpful as he used my chips to perfectly match my picks.


I wanted him to have plenty of fabric to cut up and move around as he needed, so I also sent him 2 yards of the lace pattern I wanted, which was completely unconventional – Leopard print.


I am unapologetically a Diva.  ❤

I preferred a Satin, or Eggshell finish to the high auto shine that is custom.  Definitely not shiny, but not flat matte either.

After he got my package, he called me and we talked at length.  He sounded excited and like he understood the idea I had in my mind.  The things I asked him to do were different from any he had tried before, so it was truly new experience for both of us.

Ron took my flake card sample and sent it to his flake supply guy.  They matched it perfectly.  Like PERFECT!

Amazing, right?  SO pretty!

While the flake was being matched, Ron had to work on the tank.  Remember the dent?  All gone!

Dent being repaired

Color chip matching

Ron also spent time matching the chips I sent to him.

They apparently had to dig WAAAAY back to find it. 😉
color match

But they straight up NAILED it.

Next up came the priming.  Everything was sprayed with a white primer base to help hide the yellow and give the flake more pop.

Primed tank

Root beer flakeAfter the primer came my favorite shiny part-Flake!  When Ron mixed the flake, all my boys said it looked like a root beer smoothie.


I can’t argue with that…

Ron said a typical car has about 2 tablespoons of flake.  The Diva had about 10 ounces.  Cause Diva does what Diva does… 😉

The haze in this picture is the residual spray in the air.  He was COVERED in glitter.

foggy first coat

Flake Coat #1

But look at the first coat detail in the sun! ❤

So pretty in the sun Flake Coat one fender

Spraying the flake was messy, and then he had to sand in between each layer with 320 grit paper.  TONS of hand work went into this.  Lots of love for the Diva…

Lots of work sanding

Here’s BEFORE sanding:

Ready for 1st sanding

And here’s after sanding (note the reflection of the light bars…straight means SUPER smooth finish, aka TONS OF WORK!):

High shine after sanding  Amazing!!!

After that, came taping off the lace and then the top color spray!

Daydreaming of pattern lay    Sneak peak

At this point, he teased me and told me he wouldn’t show me anymore until I opened it at home…But eventually he relented and sent me this sneak peak…

….along with all these wet paint pics!  I was so excited!

The next day, he sent me dry pics of the finish in natural light…The satin finish he mixed was PERFECT.  And the spray fog-out he did of the pattern made it look vintage and blended it all so well.

Dry tank outsideDry tank2

My absolute FAVORITE is the high flake Ducati emblem he did for me.

He blocked them off with vinyl and sprayed over them, then peeled them off and revealed the flaked spray underneath.  Just LOVEEEEE!!!  SUCH a fantastic job.

To finish it, he undercoat sprayed the bottoms of everything.

All dry and finished, he boxed them up and shipped them home to me.

It was straight up like Christmas at my house!

It's just like christmas!

Everything was carefully packaged and even labeled individually for me.

Ducati Diva

Personalized bikini wrap

Unpacking was such fun, but I couldn’t WAIT to get out to the garage.  So at 8:30pm, I dragged my hunky hubby out into the garage for quick assembly.  Just LOOK!

(click each tile to expand view if you like)

Isn’t it cool?

All doneall back on

The next morning, I couldn’t wait to see the flake in the light,

so we rolled it into the sunlight.

sunlight ducati

Just LOOK at the finish on that tailpiece in the sun!  ❤

Tail finish

This was SOOO worth the wait.  Many thanks to Ron for his expertise and hard work!

I would LOVE to hear what you think of the Diva’s makeover…PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT OR A LIKE BELOW!  And feel free to leave Ron a little love as well.  I’ll be sure he sees it.  If you’d like Not Just Paint’s business contact info, just contact me!

If you missed the first part of Diva’s story, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the blog and catch up!  And please enter your email on the right and follow me?  I’d LOVE to stay in touch with you!  Rock what you got, and leave the rest to Him! ❤


2002 Ducati Monster 620ie


Sun shot full bike
2002 Ducati Monster 620ie

6 thoughts on “Diva Revealed!

  1. I’ve always been impressed by Ron’s work, the bike looks superb. Personally I would have loved to have seen the frame done in the bronze glitter.

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