Diva’s Makeover Begins

As much as I love my Diva, I do NOT love the banana yellow paint job.  Sorry to all you racer color die-hard purists, but I just don’t.  Every time I look at her, I think about being called Tweety Bird in the 90’s, courtesy of a bright yellow t-shirt pantsuit I wore while singing once.  (Yea… I’m old.  It was in style then.  I was young.  No judging.)  The color does NOT reflect who I am right now for sure.  So I’ve dreaming of a Diva makeover since I brought her home.

We ride with a great YZF forum group, and the leader of the group just happens to own an amazing and innovative paint shop in NY called Not Just Paint.   I’ve seen his stuff and have been super excited to have his fingers in this redo.  Ron agreed to collaborate with me on the paint, and I’ve been daydreaming and Pinterest-planning for months.  During our planning conversations, I’ve had a specific picture in my head of a finish.  But I struggled trying describing that to a man, over text,  even one who likes sparkles as much as Ron does.  I’ve got ZERO experience in automotive paint techniques, so all I had was a dream and a wish, with a bunch of pictures that served as my inspiration.  I began to bombard him with “color swatches” aka pictures of things I like the color of…Ron patiently looked at all of them and pointed me in directions he thought realistic.  At one point, he said that this was the most interesting consultation he’d had.  ;P

For my Diva’s makeover, I wanted a pale blush pink base, with rose gold glitter in the leopard pattern.  Cause GLITTER.  And I wanted a pattern laced and faded out and vintage looking splotched all over the body.  Here’s what I sent him as my inspiration:




And can you guess what I chose for my lace pattern?  …Love!




So then the colors…well VERY similar to the inspiration pics…





For the base color of all the pieces, I wanted a soft blush pink, satin finish.






But for the leopard fadeout pattern, I want a high flake rose gold, more on the bronze side than bubblegum side…


I collected some paint chips and card stock paper to give Ron a concrete example of the colors in my head.  I couldn’t come close enough to the flake color but sent a couple of things to show the tones and ranges.  I also sent him some examples of colors NOT to come close to, so he’d truly understand the colors I would accept and those I couldn’t stand.


We packed up all the bits I wanted painted, and now my girl sits naked in the garage, patiently awaiting her new do.  The weather here has been GORGEOUS, so I am not as patient, but I am excited to see what he does!







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