A Diva is Born…

I’ve always wanted a Ducati.  Cause, DucatiJust say it…SAY it.  It’s sexy just to say.  ❤ 

But I’m not a good enough rider yet for any of the Hairy Hoss Big Sister Superbike versions Ducati offers.  When I found the Monster 620ie, I super excited to find a great bike with pretty low miles.  She had clearly sat lonely for a long while in some deep dark shed, dreaming of a certain redheaded someone who’d love her and sparkle her up.  (Cause, Diva does what Diva does.)  We’re pretty sure the guy who had bought new was an older rider, and didn’t ride her much.  Based on scar marks and tank dings, we think he must have laid over on the left, and maybe it scared him and doomed the Monster to the shed.  The second owner was much younger, said he just didn’t really ride it, and simply needed the money.

Image may contain: motorcycle

We drove up, trailer and cash in hand, intending to ride and see if I liked the feel.  The poor thing was COVERED in dust.  Layers of it.  No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: food

Not only that, but there were dirt-dobbers nests INSIDE the air filter, headlight and other hidden and visible places.

She’d been lonely for a LONG time.

The Monster had NO blinkers, and by the time we got there it was getting dark.  My Hunky Hubby geared up and rode off to make sure it was mechanically sound, steering and such all where it all needed to be and working.

Then it was my turn.  I geared up, swung a leg over, and prayed I wouldn’t drop her on the large gravel driveway.  Coming from the Night Hawk, I immediately felt like I was superwoman, flying on my belly, even though the Monster is significantly more upright than its big sisters.  One of my primary concerns in a ride is footing, as I’m on the shorter end of inseams.  As a novice, I really need the security of firmly planted feet.  I was pleased to find she was a great fit for me, especially in boots.

Pulling out of the drive onto the road, my first impression was how easily the clutch action was, especially compared to my Hawk, which grumps like an old man in the morning.  In comparison, the Monster felt like it pretty much shifts itself!  I opened the throttle a TEENY EENY bit, and all of a I sudden took flight like a she-bat.  I’m certain I heard her giggle…A little pleased at how quickly she responded, and a lot startled at how fast the stop light approached, I then proceeded to check the brake.  SQUEEEECH at the stoplight.  *sheepish grin as I hoped I was far enough away my boy couldn’t hear me…*

I rounded the light into a shopping center lot to turn around, and while sitting in the stoplight waiting for a green arrow, noticed a policeman sitting in the light.  Hoping he didn’t notice no blinkers, I smoothed into my lane and rather-quicker-than-I-intended schooched on back to the boys.  I gave my Hunky Hubby the nod of approval, and he proceeded with paperwork.

We trailored her and brought her the 2 hour trip home.  I’m pretty sure my Hunky Hubby was more excited than I was.  It was a fun trip home, daydreaming and planning the rides we’d take together.

Once we got her home, we began the cleanup process.  First on the list, street legal blinkers, oil change, new tires, chain lube, and a BATH.  Cause, GROSS.

I learned to install blinkers.  Do it, ladies.  It’s easy.
No automatic alt text available.

The chain.  OH…the chain.


No automatic alt text available.

The sprocket actually cleaned up super well.

And then I find these…a whole bunch of them.  *insert death star theme playing in the back-ground*

Image may contain: one or more people

So, a new chain is in definitely required.  While he busted the old one and replaced it, I worked on de-gunking the exhaust pipes.  Divas are supposed to be SHINY.

Image may contain: one or more people and people sittingImage may contain: 1 person, sitting

Power drill buffers are my fav.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Suds and sprays time.  We scrubbed every nook and cranny.

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and outdoor

After that, he took the headlight off and cleaned the inside of the lens.  I rubbed polish compound all over the “supposed to be shiny” bits, and just WOW.  I do so love shiny things…

No automatic alt text available.

After hours and hours of scratching through the gunk, my Diva was born.

Image may contain: motorcycleImage may contain: people sitting and motorcycleImage may contain: people sitting and motorcycle

Welcome home, Diva.  ❤

2 thoughts on “A Diva is Born…

  1. Don’t forget the new tires! The ones on there were not the correct size and looked as though they were afterthoughts. It definitely handled funny on the test ride. It handles beautifully with the correctly sized hyper-sport tires. 🙂

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